Storage system for Water for Pharmaceutical Use

Storage system for Water for Pharmaceutical Use

Water: the most important and widely used raw material in pharmaceutical manufacturing, must be stored and distributed to maintain quality as demanded by FDA, GMP, MHRA and other global standards. WPU can be purified water, High purified Water, Water for injection.

Ashish Engineering Design, Fabricate, Install, Qualify and Validate the water system for pharmaceutical including storage system for WPU. It will be integrated with Water Generators and distribution system. Complete system will be controlled, monitored and reported with state of the art Automation system.

Salient Features of Pharmaceutical Water Storage System-

  • Cylindrical- vertical top and bottom dished and shell construction.
  • Water Storage Tank with sanitary design to prevent biological contamination of treated water. And sync with Online and Offline monitoring to assure water delivery of require specifications.
  • Capacity from 100 Litres to 10,000 Litres
  • MOC- Stainless steel 316 L for wetted parts and SS 304 for non-contact part.
  • Smooth internal finish with buffed and electro polished internally to 0.4 RA and externally polished to 180 grid.
  • Water storage tank provided with Spray ball to wet the headspace of the water tank. This will not allow proliferation of microbiological organisms.
  • Nozzle for pump, vent provided within the storage vessel and configured to avoid dead zones where microbiological contamination might be harboured.
  • Bactria- retentive, hydro-phobic Vent filter fitted to storage vessel to prevent contaminated air to enter in the tank.
  • Jacketed construction of storage tanks, with insulation for hot water circulation during sanitation of the loop. Electrical heater controlled by RTD sensor to on-off the heaters.
  • Capacitance level switch and level controller to monitor the level of water in the tank.
  • Automation integration for the complete system.

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