Clean Utility and Process Piping for Pharmaceutical and Food manufacturing

Clean Utility and Process Piping for Pharmaceutical

Besides piping for water for pharmaceutical, we also offer piping for the clean utilities like Pure Steam, Air and Gas which comes in direct contact with the final product and also offers process piping to carry raw materials, intermediate products as well as final products.

We offer Process and clean utilities piping

  • In Stainless Steel 316L and as per followed protocols like GMP, FDA and others.
  • All piping system will be design with minimum or no dead leg.
  • Stainless Steel 316 L Tubes, fittings used will be electropolished internally to 0.4 RA and externally polished to 180 grid.
  • All Stainless Steel electropolished tubes will be welded using Orbital welding machine. With proper documentation for all orbital welding. Click here for sample
  • Boroscopic examination of welded joint.
  • Where Boroscopic examination is not possible radiography examination can be offered.
  • Valves, fittings, automation and other accessories to complete the piping system

We also offer piping for back utilities like compressed air, gas, raw water and steam which will not come in direct contact with the final products. MOC offered are SS 304, uPVC, PPCH, PPRC. We also offer PTFE lined pipes and fittings.

We follow strident Quality Control system for Raw material, in process working and final testing. TC for raw material, proper storage and inside cleaning of tubes and pipes, hydro testing is norm at our sites.

All Systems will be Qualified and Validated as per the followed protocol.

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