Useful Automation and Accessories for Pharmaceutical manufacturing set up


We at Ashish Engineering offer the complete solution for the pharmaceutical water system. Along with generation, distribution and storage for water for pharmaceutical use we also offer automation as well as accessories required for smooth working of the manufacturing system.

We offer Automation, Actuated Tank Bottom valve, Piston Tank bottom valve and following useful accessories


We offer PLC controlled automation to inter connect two components of the systems, to control, monitor, record the important process parameters with minimum human involvement. We provide Temperature controller, conductivity meter, flow meter, level controller, RTD, Pump automation, control panel and any other components as per specifications.


Actuated Tank bottom valve-

Empty the tank with actuated tank bottom valve fitted at the bottom of the tank. Sanitary design, no dead leg design and automatic in operation makes flushing of tank an easy operation. Also available in jacketed construction. MOC offered- Stainless Steel 304-316L/ Hastealloy,Monel, Teflon lined etc.


Piston Tank bottom valve-

Piston tank valve is also a type of tank bottom valve but used for dead space free drainage of viscous liquid and slurry from the vessel. It can drain quickly as compared to a typical bottom tank valve. MOC offered- Stainless Steel 304-316L/ Hastealloy,Monel, Teflon lined etc. We can offer Pneumatic, Electric actuated valve for the automatic operation.


Sampling valve-

As the name suggest- Sampling Valve is very useful item for online monitoring of the process and its outcome. It’s used for online sample collection of fluid flowing through the pipe line. Collected fluid can be analyzed, tested, stored as per applicable protocol.


In line Process filters-

In-line liquid filters are used to trap and remove small particles of solid or soft matter from a liquid stream. Typically a fine porous membrane or filament cartridge catches and holds the material while letting the liquid through.


Pendent –

In Pharmaceutical manufacturing set up, numerous pipeline are laid to carry raw materials, ingredients and final products. A pendent is used to bring all pipelines through it and provide order and cleanliness in the factory. We offer Stainless Steel Pendent in round or rectangular shape as per specifications.


Hand Rails, Wall Guard and Railing-

For the strident manufacturing set up like pharma and food- we offer Hand rail, Wall Guard and Railing in Stain Steel construction. It assures hygiene and cleanliness. The curved design and smooth finish make it fully cleaned easily and will not allow harbouring any dirt. Similarly trolley rails are used at skirting level on the wall to prevent any damage to wall and subsequent contamination in the manufacturing area.

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