Generators for Water for Pharmaceutical Use

Generators for Water for Pharmaceutical Use

We integrate water generation systems, manufactured by the experts with water storage and distribution system designed and manufactured by us.

As a client you get the best of both the world- Expertise of each company with a single point responsibility for the performance of the whole system.

Different grades of water quality are required depending on the route of administration of the pharmaceutical products. We assure water we delivered at final consumption point is free from any form of contamination and as per followed protocol like GMP, FDA, MHRA etc.

Complete solution for Pharmaceutical water System

We offer following Water Generation Systems for Pharmaceutical water-

  • Potable Water
  • Purified water system
  • Highly purified water system
  • Water for injections ( WFI water)

Water generation/ treatment solutions is consisting of-

  • Pressure Filters, Activated Carbon Filters
  • D.M. Plant or Reverse Osmosis system (with Softner)
  • C.S.RO & H.S.R.O System
  • Ultra-Filtration system
  • UV Sterilizer
  • And Multi Column Distillation system

Combination of purification technologies with pre-treatment method will produce water free from ionic, organic and microbiological contamination.

All Systems will be Qualified and Validated as per the followed protocol.

We work with the end customers as well as Consultants. With more than 100+ projects executed-on time; we thrive on repeat business from the existing customers.

We solicit your business to initiate a long term and mutually rewarding relationship. Please email us project details.

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